Christian Disciple Farm
August 5 – 9, 2019
The Christian Disciple Farm provides an enhanced vacation Bible school day camp for children and young adults (ages 3-25) with special needs and their families in an outdoor farm environment. A wide variety of activities, including a rock climbing wall, fishing, nature education, crafts, worship, and music will all work together to bring the camp theme to life. Special programming is provided for teens, young adults, mothers, and fathers. This year’s camp theme was “Roaring Rapids”, and next year it’ll be “To Mars and Beyond”. In this theme, we will be experiencing God’s mighty love and discover how to live life alongside God.
Christian Disciple Farm has been going on every summer since 2003 and requires over 100 volunteers in order to operate. As a volunteer, you would enable the campers to learn more about Christ and to grow in their faith, while you experience God’s presence in a new and exciting way. Christian Disciple Farm is looking forward to welcoming new volunteers and campers for the upcoming year! Are you interested in joining in on the fun?
For more information about Christian Disciple Farm and to sign up, visit
or contact Sue Rheingans at or (262) 593-5616.